Making your Magento eCommerce site perform fast

Speed is a particular problem with Magento sites, caused by the heavy “object-oriented” internals of Magento, and Magento site owners often struggle with performance particularly as a site grows and becomes more popular.  The points in this article, of course, apply equally to sites of any type; but more so to Magento where load times on shared servers can easily balloon out to 20-30 seconds for a home page.
Load time (the time it takes for everything to appear) for an eCommerce site is vital, as every second over 4 seconds can lose you 7%  of your customers. Past a […] Continue Reading…

Disk Space Usage – Email Warning

If you receive an email warning you that your hosting account is nearing its disk space limit, you will want to either delete content off of the server to free up some disk space or contact us for upgrade options.The email will look similar to this:

The account with the username ‘testuser’ (, is running out of disk space.

Please remove some files from this account, or ask the administrator to increase your disk quota.

This account has used 97.07% (1553.19/1600.00 MB) of its allocated disk space. […] Continue Reading…

WordPress 3.5.2 security update available and: How to get automatically Updated!

WordPress released a core security update today; we recommend all WordPress site owners update as soon as possible.

No real details of the specific problem this fixes have been released, which is normal as WordPress are trying to avoid tipping off the bad guys prematurely.

For more details on the release see […] Continue Reading…

Retina, resolution, high definition – what does it all mean for web design?

Around mid 2012 Apple launched its first line of MacBook Pro laptops with retina displays. To most people that did not mean much. With a small market share, only those at the bleeding edge realised that their web-world was about to become both incredibly sharp and intolerably blurry at the same time.

Retina displays – Apple’s catch-cry for its ultra high definition screens are not revolutionary, but it’s the way they brought them to the masses via a computer screen that was double the resolution of anything else on the market. With twice the pixels in width and height, the end […] Continue Reading…

Java being used to infect many PCs, remove it now

Due to a recent security hole in Java, we recommend you take a moment now to uninstall Java from your PC.  This issue is serious enough that your computer can be invisibly infected just by visiting a site and many people are getting infected as a result.

The Computer Emergency Readiness Team, part of the US Department of Homeland Security, first took the unusual step last week of issuing an alert, warning users to disable Java, saying the program could be manipulated by criminals to trick users into visiting malicious websites that could infect their computers with malware, or allow […] Continue Reading…

Amazon AWS opens up new enterprise options in Australia

Amazon AWS, also known as Amazon’s Web hosting platform, opened in Australia late last year.  AWS offers a platform highly suited to hosting applications that may grow to need large, flexible hosting systems to support high bandwidth or peak needs.  Additionally, they have a variety of options to support highly available service, including CDN service, Load Balancing, and DNS service amongst the over 30 options and products offered. 
Surprisingly, Amazon already hosts a large amount of internet traffic – for example,  NetFlix in the US which some pundits estimate accounts  for about 40% of US internet traffic; and the huge […] Continue Reading…

Widespread site attacks spread through webhosting industry

You probably wouldn’t have heard of this, but there is a well-known hack that can be used to read config files from other people’s accounts.  Not only is it being used actively by hackers at the moment, it’s been used to hack hundreds of thousands of web and email hosting accounts worldwide, and the amount is growing daily.

Obviously, from a hosting point of view, this is a serious issue!  However, much to our surprise, the rest of the industry has been very slow to cotton on to the ways of protecting users from this.  The particular concern is that […] Continue Reading…

ClickFrenzy or ClickFail? How to keep a large traffic site online under killer loads

Many of you would have heard of the recent ClickFrenzy event, dubbed a 1-day Australia-wide internet marketing sale.

Many of you would also have heard of the widely reported fact that the website went down within minutes of the start of the sale.

It also remained down for nearly all of the Tuesday evening (the sale started at 7pm on Tuesday 20th November, 2012). […] Continue Reading…

MYOB surveys reveal having a website makes your business more profitable

A fascinating article in The Age recently suggests that having an effective website may be a key differentiator for small-to-medium businesses (SME).
Tim Reed, CEO of business software producer MYOB, commented at a business meeting in Sydney last week.

Mr Reed said while some companies have seized the opportunities of an increasingly connected community, the majority of Australian businesses are “struggling”.
“It’s still less than 40 per cent of Australia’s businesses that have a website,” Mr Reed said.
“We did some research recently and it showed most Australian businesses are struggling: two businesses are having revenue decline for every one that is having […] Continue Reading…

Addon Domains: How to have multiple sites under the same hosting!

I get a lot of calls in regards to setting up new hosting accounts for domains from clients who already have a hosting account with us; what most people don’t realise is that with most of our hosting accounts, you can host multiple sites under the one hosting account. This is done through a feature called Addon Domains.

Addon Domains allow you to quickly and easily setup new websites under one hosting account. Here’s a small guide on how to setup your own Addon Domain for those of you who haven’t done it before […] Continue Reading…