Surprising mobile phone statistics

News Snippet: Recent surprising mobile phone sales statistics show that Blackberry and Android are outselling iPhone, with a study showing percent market share for recent smartphone purchases as:

  • Blackberry (RIM) – 33%
  • Android – 27%
  • iPhone – 23%

If you’re like me, this is surprising both in that iPhone are *not* the market leaders, and that Android sales are doing so well (and from what we hear, growing).

Reed has an Android phone, and loves it!  Haleemon loves her iPhone and Brian is teetering on the edge of iPhone-ness!

The study was by Nielsen in the US and makes for interesting reading.  In particular, Blackberry shows the lowest number of people wanting to continue with the same brand, perhaps showing a growing dissatisfaction.  It’s worth noting that the study excluded measuring corporate phone use, which would probably push Blackberry stats higher.

From a web point of view, the statistics are interesting for a number of reasons:

  • an iPhone application will actually not reach as many people as you think it will
  • as a variety of new iPhones come available, websites that work well generally on mobile phones, as websites, will become more important

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5 Responses to “Surprising mobile phone statistics”

  • Haleemon says:

    Suspect… I find those figures highly suspect!!! 🙂

    • Wendy says:

      I have been thinking lately about getting an Android partly because all the people I know who have iPhones seem to have a love-hate relationship with them…whereas Reed has always been consistent in his praise of the Android!

      • Ant says:

        anyone who has a love-hate relationship with their iphone. Will most definitely have a hate-hate relationship with their android.
        Android is good for ex windows mobile users and ex blackberry users. iPhone rules for smartphone converts.
        The only major issue really with the iphone, was how the 3G was hung out to pasture with the iOS4 update.
        Everything else is just hot air.

  • Ant says:

    I agree with Haleemon, those figures are iffy!!!
    And as for App development. the iphone totally blows away the competition when it comes to turnover from their respective appstores.
    Web browsing on iPhone compared to the competition is in the 65% mark.
    Apple sold 8.5 million iphones and 3.5 million ipads in the 3rd financial qtr of 2010 alone. their revenue was 18 billion U$.
    Your App will be bought, and if it is a very good app, it can sell in very large quantities. the OzWeather App on iphone has netted the developer way over AUS$150K since he released it 2 years ago. The game Trism first released on iPhone in 2008 was earning the developer $10,000US a day for well over 18 months. That developer admitted early on that, with limited coding knowledge it took him less than 60 hrs to create the game. So get on it. I want to see a WDGF iphone APP ASAP. LOL 😉